" The Retreat was completely transcendental "

I went with Rama (Miguel) and Prema (Solana) for a yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India last May and it was completely “transcendental!”  If you are interested in deepening your yogic path, learning more about meditation, eating some of the most delicious vegetarian food EVER, visit sacred sites, dip in the rivers of the sacred Ganges, witness monkeys trying to steal food out of your bag 😂, participate in ancient rituals and/or simply learn more about yourself ... then I would highly recommend giving them a shoutout!

Many of the practices I learned with them, I use on a daily basis to tune into my “spiritual” side and I am forever grateful for the tools and teachings I’ve learned. I highly recommend joining them on their next Retreat! 

Namaste! ❤

~  Rich Chan  |  Los Angeles, CA
" Pure love and magic "

We dove in (literally and figuratively) and never looked back.

Solana Prema Torres and Miguel Rama Torres, how can we ever repay our debt of gratitude to you both?
So much heart and soul was poured into every aspect of this retreat!
We learned so much! The beauty and magic that is Rishikesh!

The Yoga and meditation, bonds of friendship that will never be broken. Pure love and magic! If you are thinking of joining them, do not hesitate. You will not regret it.


~  Dana Lisa Jones  |  Scottsdale, Arizona
" You don't have to be some sort of super yogi to make this journey "

In Autumn 2018, I traveled from the UK to California on holiday, and as I traveled south along the coast, each place I stopped I checked into a local yoga class and the last class I visited on my holiday journey was in Venice Beach with Prema. The class stood out from the others, something happened, something connected, and I felt I wanted to probe deeper into this. I received a retreat flyer from Prema after class, and now here I am in Rishikesh, India, and as I write this.  I can hear the sound of the river Ganga, Mother Ganges! 

The accommodations, the food and the cultural experience have all been amazing. The group dynamic has been coached and guided by Prema and Rama, a warm and friendly group, mutually supporting and deeply respectful. 

But above all of this it has been a wonderful spiritual journey. 

About Prema and Rama, I can say words only of admiration and awe. Their knowledge, passion and total commitment are so abundantly apparent. They are not doing this as some sort of a commercial enterprise, but as a pilgrimage for spiritual exploration and self education, and we have been given the honor of joining them on this road. 

You don’t have to be some sort of super yogi to make this journey.  You just need a desire to change your life and to be open to this change. And then with the guidance from Prema and Rama, the magic starts to happen! It can be a little bit frightening, occasionally upsetting, a deep and meaningful look at who you are and what you want you want from life! 

And now for home and reality, and I am ready.

A couple of days ago we made an amazing offering to Mother Ganga, a bowl made from banana leaves and filled with flowers. And that is where I feel we are, having discarded negativity and unneeded traits, we are about to be launched onto the tumultuous Mother Ganga we call life, perhaps fragile and vulnerable, but with a whole new perspective, and of course it will be okay, because the life guards aren’t that far away! Quoting Prema ... “choose life!”   Jai Ma Prema and Rama!

~ John Caughey  |  United Kingdom |  Owner of Yoga Hut Dundee 
" I cannot imagine my life without these practices "

Seven years ago, on the harvest moon, Rama came to my house and shared with me the powerful tool of Meditation.  I will never forget the day or the experience. Meditation has brought immeasurable peace, love and consciousness to my life that I will forever be in humble gratitude for. I cannot imagine my life without it now.

I decided to take the leap and join Prema and Rama on their Wellness Retreat to Rishikesh, India.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.  We began every morning in ritual - meditation and yoga, sitting along the banks of the Ganga River.  Each day we went on a different excursion and visited sacred sites.  I enjoyed the mystery of the trip and that everything was all planned out for us.  We did not have to figure anything out.  Prema and Rama took great care of us and guided our group in the most graceful and awesome way. 

We had time to ourselves and time to reflect.  The food offered at the retreat center was delicious!  I miss it already  ;)  

I would not go to India (for my first time) with anybody else.  They both have studied In the Himalayas and have been taking groups there for several years and have made incredible connections with the locals, along the way.  It was lovely to witness.

If you are considering joining them on a retreat - think no more - take the leap and go!  The time is now and you will not be disappointed.

~ Laxman (Jason Gapasin) |  Los Angeles, CA
Here's what some of our retreat participants have to share!
Dev Prayag, India
Parmath Niketan, Rishikesh, India
Prema at the Kunjapuri Mountaintop Temple in Rishikesh, India.
Rama, Govin Das and Prema
Journey to India with Prema and Rama 2018
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Prema and Rama are both Certified Yoga Alliance RYT-500 Teachers
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" I can't wait for the next retreat! "

Beautiful spot, amazing energy, incredible teachers!  Rama and Solana (Prema) are such great teachers.  They can read the energy and need of the collective group (participants) and tailor classes to honor that need.  Lifetime connections with students and teachers. Phenomenal food, perfect accommodations, an experience to bring one back to what is REAL !!  I have been to two retreats with Solana and Rama, and I'm signed up for the next one!  It has been life altering in a positive direction ❤️

I am lucky enough to have had my Daughter turn me on to Rama and Solana as teachers and she introduced me to the first Retreat I was blessed to go on.  We both have been fortunate to attend two Retreats together and we can't wait for the next one ❤️ Pure love and magic.

~  Molly McCallum  |  Bend, Oregon
" Bhakti Vinyasa Flow with Solana "

Solana changed my life!  I had my first Yoga class ever 8 months ago.  I was very intimidated as I have never been a fit girl but she made me comfortable right away.  She went with the regular class but discretely checked on me.  I now practice twice a week at Yoga Nest, and I'm a regular at her Saturday class.  She has a warm, positive and uplifting energy.  It's the best way to start the weekend.
Keep shining Solana! ☀️

~  Matilde  |  Los Angeles, California
" Returned to my body and soul "

Rama and Solana have opened my mind to new levels of yoga and spiritual practice.

In my first few classes with them, I laughed, cried, transcended, and returned to my body and soul with a renewed sense of joy, appreciation, and wonder.   

I cannot endorse them enough!  Happy to be part of this amazing community.

~  P.G.  |  Los Angeles, California